Water Treatment

Core Competence Water Treatment

Bio activators to improve the cleaning process, utilization of sludge and odour control

Our products for Water Treatment

Bio Fish

Bio Fish is a liquid additive to be used in salmon and other fish farms.To be used in salt, tropical and subtropical waters. Also very suitable to be used in aqua cultures. Bio Fish increases the amount of oxygen in the water! Bio Fish is biodegradable and prevents the growth of algae. Use Bio Fish for stunning and healthy fish.


B.W.C. is a liquid additive aiming at a sustainable improvement of biological systems. It’s to be used in (a.o.) water treatment plants. Improves the quality of the water and prevents sludge deposition (up to 30%). B.W.C. removes odors from rotting processes.


Stimulation of enzymatic and catalytic processes (cell stimulation), creating an optimal environment for the growth of effective micro organisms and increasing the vitality of the biocenosis, resulting in a significant reduction of Ntot, H2S and pathogens. It conditions sludge for the anaerobic fermentation phase.


A stable, biodegradable liquid concentrate that is binding ammonium, ammonia and sulphur hydrogen in wastewater, eliminating poisonous gas and bad scent.


An additive to bind and hold the phosphate ion. The chelate requires a 5-10 times lower pure iron-(III)-chloride (without aluminium) dosage, reducing the P content in the waste water but also avoiding contamination of the sludge with aluminium, a heavy metal. The sludge could be applied as fertilizer.

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