Fuel Savings


Ignishion is a fuel additive that cleans both the fuel system and the intake system of the engine, resulting in a significant enhancement of the combustion process, cleaner engine and a longer life time. In addition, it improves the lubrication within the engine. As a result, there is a reduction in fuel consumption and the gas emissions are of better quality by reducing ethylene NOX and hydrocarbons in the exhaust.


Any type of engine, using diesel, benzin or gas. Ignishion complies with the EN 590 quality norm for fuel additives.

Mode of Action

Improved ignition due to a better atomatisation of the diesel and a higher ignition speed. It improved the explosion and the temperature in the cylinder during combustion. Furthermore it keeps fuel tank is free of corrosive bacteria.

Dosage and Application

Optimal dosage is 1 ml Ignishion on 10 litre fuel (1:10.000).


  • Significant improvement of the combustion process, reducing fuel consumption with 4-14%
  • Lubrication improves with 15%
  • Removes organic contamination in fuel
  • Increases life time of engines
  • Winner MKB Energy Idea 2007 (Netherlands)
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