Bio Energy

Bio-WaterClean Odeur

A stable, biodegradable liquid concentrate that is binding ammoniac and sulphur hydrogen in wastewater, eliminating poisonous gas and bad scent.

 It contains not less than 62.000 different carriers that all have a different effect on the micro-organisms. These carriers allow these micro-organisms to become flexible and multitasking, enabling them to cope with most forms of odour nuisance.


This Bio Activator is used in wastewater treatment, agriculture and for solving odour nuisance in general.

Mode of Action

Plant extracts bind the molecules that can cause the odour nuisance and prevents the germination of bacteria that form hydrogen sulphite. This way the forming of ammoniac and hydrogen sulphate is completely hindered.

Dosage and Application

Dosage and application depends on the local situation.


  • A stable, biodegradable liquid concentrate
  • Preventing forming of ammoniac and sulphur hydrogen
  • Elimination of poisoned gasses and blocking the formation of nuisance odour
  • Reduction of risks for men, animal and plants.
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