Bio Energy

Bio-WaterClean Digestion

Fully organic and 100% biodegradable, BWC-D is a stimulator for the specialised micro-organisms that, via enzymatic and catalytic steering, accelerates the cleaning processes (aerobic phase) or gas production (anaerobic phase). It contains not less than 62.000 different carriers that all have a different effect on the micro-organisms. These carriers allow these micro-organisms to become flexible and multitasking, enabling them to cope with most forms of inflow for WWTR and Biogas production, resulting in cleaning outflow wastewater and a higher CH4 content from the fermenter.


Bio Energy: Significantly increasing the methane output, also used in the production of bio-diesel

Water Treatment: improving the water and wastewater cleaning process, utilization of sludge and odour control in all types and sizes of wastewater treatment plants

Mode of Action

  • BWC-D is increasing the bio-vitability of the effective micro-organisms and reducing the populations of less-effective bacteria
  • BWC-D is actually steering the N-loupe, resulting in a direct transformation of nitrogen into nitrate, avoiding the time and energy consuming steps where the poisonous and enzyme-blocking ammonia and ammonium are formed
  • Prevents the germination or forming of bacteria that form hydrogen sulphite
  • increasing the storing capacity of oxygen and eliminating oxygen requiring processes

Dosage and Application

BWC-D is 100% water soluble and can be applied using an injection pump. Standard rates of dilution for large masses of water or hydraulic flows are 100 gram per tonne of organic dry substances.


  • Significant reduction of emission levels
  • Reducing lead times of WWTR and gas formation
  • Reducing energy consumption in WWTR process
  • Reduction of sludge volume
  • Removal of the bad odour to acceptable levels
  • Pre-conditioning sludge for anaerobic phase (methane production)
  • Significantly increasing the methane output or reducing the substrate input in an anaerobic fermenter
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