The Company SHIEER was founded in 1989.

Shieer is resppnsible for the production and distribution of basic substances of plant origin through enzymatic procedure.

Our raw materials are defined according to the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) in accordance with the class of polymers as Glykoronane, with the origin - the materia prima - cellulose and fatty acid compounds. The final products of different salts, esters, and Auxines or substances on saponin character or those of the fuel and Oil additive, are defined according to the OECD - Directive 301 and 402, or other provisions such as EN 590 for fuel.

The provisions of the Union Control for organic products and 9092 according to the EU are met.In addition, the development of biotechnology for air - water - gas - and biomass processing, agriculture and fish farming are a focus of our Activities.

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